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Background and Context

The objective of this survey is to identify and better understand the factors that influence your participation in Strength and Conditioning programs and activities offered through the Sports and Recreation program at the University of Toronto.

Previous surveys we have carried out have resulted in a number of positive changes in programming and facilities, including: adding yoga as part of the drop-in program schedule; increasing the number of mindfulness classes; purchasing of bars and weights designed for women; providing subsidized Women-only Olympic weightlifting classes; and installing more pull-up stations in the Athletic Centre Field House.

Therefore, we value and appreciate your opinions and recommendations.

Strength & Conditioning Centres include all use of the weight and cardio equipment, classes, and personal/group training at the Goldring Centre and Athletic Centre.

This survey focuses on:

  • Group Classes
  • Personal Training Sessions
  • Use of all weight and cardio equipment (including Athletic Centre field house)
  • Varsity Strength & Conditioning training

This survey does not cover:

  • Running track in Athletic Centre field house
  • Aquatic activities
  • Intramurals
  • Open gym activities (e.g., basketball)
  • Squash or other racquet sports
  • Varsity team practices and games
  • Hart House